Snapshot 20130718

The picture the killer took of herself

Hello, I am Pitch Black, wanted by Jeff and BEN, but you all know Ao-Gao. but you DON'T know her backstory. she was a typical normal human, and my sister (I was a human myself at first). Her name was Lauren. you could combine Nyan Cat with any other cute thing and you couldn't top it. until...that fateful night...friday the 13th. I was going to make a minion out of genetic mutating (rat+snake+horned lizard+human) I called over Lauren, Unlike other girls, Lauren LOVED to watch me make stuff. I called over ASH666 (program i made to assist me in terrorizing and creating terrible things) I told lauren to close her eyes because there was a surprise instore for her. " hey pitch, what do you have instore this time?" Lauren asked. I told her to close her eyes, when i told ASH666 to ignite the laser, i bumped into it and Lauen...she turned into the scariest thing, EVEN for me. However the x-rays showed that Lauren had high levels of insanity. I was proud and shocked, I gave lauren a mirror and she loved my "new invention". She said " well well well, what a Fine job you did i...look....pretty..." she said in an insane voice. "Uh, boss, should i start up the containment program?" ASH666 asked. I declined and said shes a big girl now, she can kill on her own.