my name is alexander ,i just moved to LA i met this kid named cameron, he seem nice, i just got a news paper from the apartment i'm staying at, maybe the LA team won i thought, but i was wrong Dog shot by three teens and it looked like it was at camerons house! i asked cameron if it was his dog, he simply nodded and said "i'm over it" but he seemed a
-------------------------------------- mass murder at subway, people are advised to stay in their house This unnerved me, especially on Christmas! i skyped cameron, i asked him how scared he is, he managed to choke out "I-I...I can't speak..." i received a text from Cameron I am the one who killed those people...tell anyone of this and they wont find your body...
I looked at skype again, his innocent scared look turned into a demonic grin, i almost vomited when he showed me jars of what looked like organs inside...i hope no weird stuff happens...

Mass murder at GameFreak three teens vanished it is looked to it that the murderer is sent to Alcatraz!

My mom left for a meeting, cameron skyped me, he had the bodies of the three teens, each of which died in their own gruesome ways
1. the first one had his eyes gouged out, his limbs were hacked and his nose was ripped off
2. the second one was dissected, his feet and hands were missing like from lost silver, and was gagged
3. the last one was shot 15 times with a riffle, he was stabbed in the heart 4 times, and his bottom jaw was missing.
he hung up, i felt nauseous, cameron skyped me again, he was heading to my apartment room, i'm hiding in my room, but i know it isn't enough, its ony a matter of time before
Cameron sighting

possible cameron sighting from another victim of cameron

ohohoho, so i see where alexander has been hiding all this stuff, but i am no pussy like jeff or eyeless jack, they don't say anything on the i'd watch my back if i were you!